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San Jose State University and Writer's Help for Lunsford


Writer's Help Handouts, Guides, and Instructor Manual

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Handouts and Guides 
This Google Drive Folder for SJSU will evolve and update as needed with materials written especially for SJSU professors and students.  Current contents:
  1. Student Access Handout for WH2LH San Jose State
  2. Annotated for Instructors -- Student Access Handout for WH2LH San Jose State
  3. Slide Show for Classroom - WH2LH and SJSU
  4. Tech Support and WH2LH
  5. Email for SJSU Fall 2014 First Year and Transfer Students

Instructors Manual, the platform Writer's Help is on is called LaunchPad. Key refresher pages:

Sign in URL for Writer's Help 2.0 for Lunsford Handbooks:


Guides to Teaching with a Handbook, Articles on Teaching

The table of contents for Teaching with Lunsford Handbooks -- for an overview of teaching ideas the book covers.
Crib ideas too from Teaching with Hacker Handbooks -- some will be similar, some will differ, but the principles are the same as Teaching with Lunsford Handbooks.
Bits Blog Handbook teaching tips -- most from Barclay Barrios -- short, sweet, fun, and eclectic are his contributions. Worth the visit just to read a few

 James Lang on Transfer
"Why Don't They Apply What They Learned,  Part I" and Part II

Paul Krebs "Next Time, Fail Better."

Daniel Willingham, "Why Transfer is Hard." -- from his collection of online articles on how students learn at

"Start Where Your Students Are." and "Know Where Your Students are Going," chapters 1 and 2 from Never Work Harder than Your Students & Other Principles of Great Teaching by Robyn R. Jackson.

Handout on turning essay into list of sentences: Scroll down to entry by Nick Carbone

Side bar: plagiarism resources --

Inventing the University, David Barthlomae :

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