Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pasadena City College Workshop

For more information or follow up questions after the workshop, email me at ncarbone at bedfordstmartins.com

In the meatime, here are a list of links to sites we'll visit today, as well as others you and your students can use as well as links for instructors and students to other resources that might help teaching and learning.

For students:

This site was built to that students would only need to use one access code to register on two different sites: Re:Writing Plus and the Premium A Writer's Reference with E-book sites. It's here as a reference, but mainly we'll use the next two links below.

For students and teachers -- the workshop will focus on these today:

Re:Writing Plus offers a collection of all of our premium media (some of it comes with your e-book site, some of it is extra). It includes the Peer Factor games; i*Cite research tutorial, WriteOn Video tutorials; a PDF collection of classic, copyright-free, belles lettres pieces; model documents gallery; Make a Paragraph kit; and coming in January, Video Central. In this workshop, we'll look at some of the content, and we'll discuss ideas for assigning and teaching with the tutorials, games, readings, guides, models, and animations that make up Re:Writing Plus.

This leads to the A Writer's Reference companion Web site. Instructor and student access at Pasadena City College includes access to the e-book. In this workshop, we'll explore the e-book; you will learn and get practice at making notes, adding pages to it, and more. Plus you'll see how the book compliments the site's exercises in pedagogically powerful ways.

For teachers:

The Workshop on Plagiarism site offers handouts and teaching ideas that will complement the advice and approaches in A Writer's Reference, Re:Writing Plus, and from the Workshop on Responding that Nancy Summers provided.

This leads to our Workshops for Teaching Online web site, which has useful teaching ideas, advice and strategies for teaching online. Feel free to peruse, borrow, copy, edit, download anything that's useful.

Teaching Central takes you, via our online catalog, to all the resources we have for teacher support. You can request free professional development books, find blogs on teaching, on being an adjunct, and more.