Saturday, August 09, 2014

WritingClass and Moodle @ IWCC

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Today's Agenda

  • Overview of WritingClass and the custom modules designed for IWCC by Melissa Graham Meeks
  • Integrate WritingClass into Moodle 
  • Assign WritingClass work using Moodle 
  • Review and closing discussions

Resources and Links

Fun tools that give writers data
The Writer's Diet Test by Helen Sword
750 Words 
Good instruction
Council on Basic Writing Resource Share
February 2014 CBWRS -- Scroll down to Nick Carbone's Entry
BYU's Style Academy
The Original 20 Most Common Errors from Connors and Lunsford's "Ma and Pa Kettle Do Research" essay.

Kaplan University Podcasts on Writing
Grammar Essentials from Excelsior College