Saturday, November 21, 2015

Links for #NCTE15 #G18

Writing to Read; Reading to Write Workshop -- online and social annotation tools are here:

The Citation Project:

Reading with writing is better than reading with just a highlighter (This also shows social annotation in use.):

Visualize Sources by Doug Downs & Bedford/St. Martin's

How to Cite a Cereal Box by Martine Courant Rife:

"Believing Game" by Peter Elbow:  (See also for more of his work.)

A summary of Peter Elbow's Believing and Doubting Game:

"Theft, Fraud, and Loss of Voice" from Transition to College Writing by Keith Hjortshoj:

Bedford Research Room by Mike Palmquist (bewhiskered and will move soon, grab the downloads asap):

Teaching Arguments from Dartmouth Writing and Rhetoric Program:

Chapter 1, "Language and Experience" from Language and Learning by James Britton:

"Writing and Reading in the Classroom" by James Britton, 1987 report, NWP Site:

Threshold Concepts and Information Literacy:

Five Things You Should Read About Threshold Concepts, from ACRL: