Saturday, June 02, 2012

Links for BRAWN

These are a collection of links which may, or may not, prove useful for our discussion today. They're here so they're at hand.

NY Times on children's books on the iPad
Books in the Age of the iPad by Craig Mod:

College Students and Technology by Smith, Rainie, and Zickuhr from PEW Internet and American Life Project:
(Note the low levels, still, of e-book reader devices. See also:

However, e-reading is on the rise, says a recent PEW study:

Aside: NEA 2007 study on reading -- (scroll to page 8 to learn that "65% of college freshmen read for pleasure for less than an hour per week or not at all.")

Buy Print, Rent Print, or E-book, a student view -

Evolution of the E-book: When Is a Book Not a Book? By Mathew Ingram in Business Week at

Re:Writing Plus from Bedford/St. Martin's for IX peek:

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